Girls in white dresses.

A few years ago, while helping my oldest sister shop for her wedding dress, I unknowingly and indirectly received some of the greatest advice I will ever take. Naturally, it came from my mother. After trying on just a few beautiful white dresses, my beautiful sister began to realized the difficulty in choosing which of the gowns would best suit her for one of the most important days of her life. This was a major life decision. Which of course meant, she would need the opinions of her caring and fashionable mother and sister. However, before one could begin to even consider picking apart and critiquing how each dress fit and flattered, my ever practical and wise mother interjected:

Jordan, you’re going to be the only one wearing a white dress. So pick whichever one you love.”

As simple a statement as it was at the time, I feel it reigns ever true in far deeper meaning than her attempt to calm and support my sister.

As I’ve begun the journey through adulthood, I have learned that though we must be conscious of the effects our behaviors, beliefs, and decisions have on others, we must also be aware of the decisions that are solely about our individual selves. There are and forever will be moments which will direct our course in life and we must acknowledge and embrace them and make our decisions based on what is best for us in the long-term. It is worth remembering that those we love and admire will see and praise the beauty of your ‘white dress’ for only a moment; however, your decisions, your beliefs, your ‘white dress’ will remain a part of the most important days of your life.

As a young, curious, and imaginative young woman in this world of opportunities, my mind is ever overflowing with ideas of the next big adventure or the next new experience. Every passing day has the potential to be the best or most important or influential day of my life. Which poses a matter of choosing which ‘white dress’ will be the most flattering for me. I guess it’s a decision only I can make.



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