Dear Darla: the fallen art of communication

As I’ve begun making my way through this young adult life, I’ve begun to realize the ever-growing importance of honest communication. You know what they say: “If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t write it down.” But what of the things which we do want to share concretely. The old saying goes: “actions speak louder than words;” however, with the concept of perception being 9 tenths of reality, our intentions are quite often misconstrued. In this complicated world that is quickly being influenced by technology, it is imperative that we remember to take the time to sincerely communicate with others.

In almost every advice column, blog post, and tip list written about interviewing, I’ve read the same tip: follow-up the interview with a thank you note or email. This little gesture shows not only your continued interest in your pursuit, but also, that you were attentive and actually gained something from your interaction with your interviewer.

On nearly every occasion from birthdays to holidays to moments of need, we find that a heartfelt greeting card comes in handy. I am learning now that words are my greatest power. On the job and in my relationships I am continuously finding that openly and sincerely communicating with others has been my greatest help; however, often times I am finding myself struck with minor anxiety (which of course leads to severe procrastination) when it comes to openly communicating. I have made it my personal goal to explore the different means of effective communication and expression. Some of the things I have found to be greatly effective when it comes to communicating personally are thank you notes and actually writing letters to my loved ones in addition to greeting cards.

The art of letter writing has seemingly gone by the wayside, but the act (which is quite important in conveying effort and sincerity) of taking the time to follow through and filter your thoughts and put them in writing is truly one of the greatest forms of self expression. As I delve deeper into this adult world I can truly appreciate the effort it takes to maintain relationships and networks and am certain that this exploration into the art of communication will serve me well.



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