For the Love of the LuLus: Choose your Mates Wisely

On a lovely layover in Spokane, WA I found myself sitting hip to hip at a bar with my best girl Chan (from across the land), enjoying our monthly wine and whine session. Joining our conversation (something about the mob and bodies under Spokane Falls) from across the bar, sipping a beer and adjusting his oxygen, was a wise dear gentleman who graced us with such a valuable life lesson,

The world is full of LuLus, and in this world of LuLus just be and let be and remember to choose your mates wisely.”

While Chan and I finished our drinks and merrily carried on our conversations with the bartender and the newcomers throughout the evening, that little gem fluttered through my mind the rest of the night. Something in his words resonated with me.

Throughout my journey through young adulthood I have encountered a number of unique and intriguing people; I’ve also had the displeasure of making the acquaintance of some less desirable characters. Yet, while I have recently begun the efforts to remove the weeds from my garden of happiness– I find that I am growing ever interested in figuring out what exactly it is that is causing these minor characters to wreak havoc in my garden.

But ever since hearing the words of my wise friend across the bar, I have realized that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter the cause, nor does it matter what it is that has caused me such a displeasure. No one’s life choices or character flaws are mine to judge.  I have a choice of how this life must go, and I will forever encounter the LuLus (the crazies, or undesirables), I must continue to live and let live, yet take caution in cultivating the relationships and networks that I believe I need.

It is such a wonder the effect the advice of a stranger can have on the relationships developed within your closest confidants.


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