Lemons and Shattered Mirrors

I think lemons get a bad rap.

When your car’s a piece of junk, you call it a lemon.

When you’re dealt a bad hand in life, you say life’s given you lemons.

I don’t think breaking a mirror gives you bad luck. Though, that is what ‘they’ say.

I guess life gives you lemons when you break mirrors?

Seven years worth of lemons, I guess.

That’s a lot of lemonade.

Sounds like cavities and weight gain to me. Which, I guess, is more lemons.

But what if lemons weren’t such a bad thing?

Then you wouldn’t have to make lemonade. (Not that lemonade is so bad–unless you drink seven years worth of it, causing cavities and weight gain).

What if you took the lemons as a gift from life and not a punishment for breaking mirrors. Then you could put lemons in your water and drink more water. That’s pretty healthy. Or you could clean your house (yes, your entire house) with lemons. That’s a good thing too.

But then why would you get a gift for breaking a mirror–that’s supposed to be bad, right?

Maybe breaking a mirror isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it’s a sign.

Perhaps it’s time to look into a new mirror, or see a different reflection. Maybe shattering your old reflection in your old mirror is a good thing.


Could it be that your new reflection in your new mirror will be something better that you never would’ve seen in your old mirror; and maybe life is proud of your new discovery so it gives you lemons? Lemons that you can now put in your water or clean your new mirror that shows your new you with?






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