In the meantime…

I meet a lot of people in my line of work. All sorts of people. Some interesting; some not so much. Quite often these people tell me their stories, and sometimes they truly resonate with me.

She’d just returned from celebrating her grandmother’s 97th birthday. She spoke of the fun she had and all of the sweet and witty things her grandmother spoke on her big day–all I heard was 97. This woman was 97 years and counting! My head began to spin.


You know that saying, “Life’s too short…”?

Yeah, I’m not buying it. 97 years doesn’t sound too short to me. Do you know what could happen in 97 years?!

A lot. That’s what.

A lot happens in the hour that (with the help of my snooze button and lack of discipline) quickly turns into 47 minutes I give myself to get ready for work!

97 years.

I feel as if I’ve done a lot in this life, but by golly if I’ve got 71 years left there’s so much more to be done

I think about the times at work when the pilots ask us to remain seated for a period of time during turbulence. Just the 15 minutes of idleness while waiting for them to navigate and find an altitude with smooth air nearly drives me mad. Imagine spending 97 whole years idle, waiting for the smooth air to get back to your routine. It’s insane. It makes me see things a bit differently.

“Life’s too short,” huh? I always took that saying to mean that you had to hurry and do all of the things you’ve always wanted or needed to do before it was too late; but now I’m starting to believe we’ve had it a bit backwards. Many of us have plenty of time. We just have to figure out how to fill it. We have to truly live.  We must sincerely be. We must do meaningful, enriching, fulfilling things without hesitation. We can’t just sit idly, waiting for the end. We can’t live our long lives anticipating a few epic moments–lest the stories we create be as long, boring and drawn-out as the third book of the Hunger Games trilogy (no offense, but Mockingjay was definitely a brick until the very end).

Life is long.

Eventually it ends. But in the meantime, there is a life to be lived.

Life is everything you make it. Life is everything to you do…or don’t for that matter.

Life is long.